Who We Are

We’re simply a passionate body of believers that desire to see the kingdom of God increased in Oklahoma City. It is our hope that you would encounter and find the peace, purpose and plan of God for your life. We have experienced God’s presence in a real, practical, biblical way and are convinced that you also can experience the presence of God in a very authentic, biblical way. We believe and teach the whole Bible as the inspired word of God. We believe that what the 120 experienced on the Day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2 can still be experienced today and is for you. We believe in passionately preaching the unchanging gospel to an ever changing world. We believe the principles of the word of God still guide us in our affairs today. We are a friendly, old fashioned, Apostolic, Pentecostal church that still believes in the ability of the power of God to change lives in a real intimate way.

Our History
Apostolic Faith Tabernacle began in 1960 in a little house on Lynwood. A wall was knocked out between the living room and the kitchen for church services and the bedrooms were used for Sunday School.

Then the church moved to a store front building on Central and then to a church on 1st & Tuttle the church was rented from T.C. Hurley.

In 1962 we began building the church at 208 SE 62nd. Bro. Eddie Wray and the brethren and sisters in the church worked hard to build this church themselves. Bro. Matthis did the foundation and Raymond Christian and his father laid the blocks.

About 1964 Bro. Wray left to evangelize and Jack Burgess came to pastor the church and he stayed for a couple of years. Then Bro. Wray returned and in 1966 Melvin Haile came to pastor and although Bro. Wray raised the money for a Christian school and had the foundation poured Bro. Haile and his wife Joyce and his mother in law Sis. Saulters began the Christian school in the church and completed the building for the school. Bro. Haile left in June of 1969. Bro. Wray came back to Pastor till January 1975.

E.T. McDonald begin to pastor in early January 1975 till his son, Rodney McDonald became pastor on June 17, 1983. Rodney McDonald pastored until July 26th, 2013 till his son, Nathan McDonald became pastor on July 28th, 2013. Nathan McDonald is currently the pastor.